Diversity and Inclusion

Kent Fostering is committed to delivering care and providing services that are inclusive and non-discriminatory in meeting each child’s needs in terms of

  • gender,
  • religion,
  • ethnic origin,
  • language,
  • culture,
  • disability,
  • sexuality.

When you care for a child / young person from a transracial or trans community you will be provided with additional support and information.  This will help you to provide the best possible care and develop the child’s understanding of their heritage in a positive way.  You may be offered additional training to enable you to meet the child’s needs.

You are expected to challenge attitudes, behaviour and language that are non-inclusive and discriminatory, in a positive way. This includes

  • bullying,
  • homophobic behaviour,
  • racism,
  • sexism,
  • radicalisation
  • and any other forms of discrimination (direct or indirect).

You will also support children to treat others in a non-discriminatory way.