Complete a diary record

You can complete a diary record online using the Kent Integrated Children's Portal.

You should include details of any incidents or events as described in the Foster Carer Diary Record Policy (PDF, 320.7 KB). You will also have the chance to upload supporting documents such as medical or behaviour charts.

Complete a diary record

Raising urgent issues

Diary records should not be used to report urgent issues.  If you need to discuss anything urgently, contact your fostering social worker or contact another member of the fostering team if they are unavailable.

How often to complete a record

During emergency bed, respite or hub family, parent and child, short break and task centred foster placements, you need to complete daily diary records while a child is in your care.

In more settled, ongoing permanent placements, you should agree how often you will complete diary records with your fostering social worker.

Access to diary records

Once you've completed a diary record you will no longer be able to access it.

The records will be saved directly onto the child's electronic file and will be immediately available for the child's social worker to read. This allows a more efficient sharing of information, particularly when this is needed for court.

If you need access to diary records because of a complaint, standard of care concern or allegation, you can request access by emailing