Claim travel expenses

If you need to make additional journeys for your foster child or children, you can claim the mileage, transport or parking costs back using our online form.

What you can claim for

You can only claim for expenses relating to your foster child or children. You should claim for the shortest route when making a journey, but safety takes priority.

You can claim for travel to and from:

  • clubs that are included in the child’s plan (scouts, guides, school clubs)
  • family time
  • medical appointments (for example doctor or hospital appointments)
  • school.

You cannot claim for travel to and from:

  • children’s parties
  • clubs outside the child’s care plan
  • family activities (for example trips to the cinema or going out for dinner)
  • family holidays.


We will deduct 10% of the age-related maintenance you receive for each day of travel unless you are exempt.

Submit a claim

You can make one travel expense claim for each calendar month.

Submit a claim

Receiving payment

When you submit your expense claim, we will review it and will be in touch if we have any queries.

It will then go through an approval process before we pay you.