Tell us about a change of circumstances

You need to let your fostering social worker know immediately if:

  • you're planning to move
  • someone new will be staying in the household either permanently or for the foreseeable future
  • your personal situation changes or something happens which could affect your ability to care for the child placed with you
  • you or someone in your household is cautioned, convicted or has charges pending for a crime
  • you or someone in your household applies to adopt or foster children
  • you or someone in your household applies to be a registered childminder or day care provider.

​Failure to do so may affect your ongoing status as a foster carer.

When someone new moves in

If you're a foster carer and would like someone new to live in your home, they will need to be assessed before they move in. Find out more about the assessment process for new adults joining a fostering household (PDF, 173.7 KB).