Information for young people moving on

A checklist form has been created for you to keep your important information in one place ready for when you turn 18 or move home.

Completing forms may be daunting for you at first, but try to complete as much as you can and ask for help from your foster carer, social worker or Personal Assistant (PA) if you need it.  The information may not seem relevant at first but as time goes by you will find it useful, so it is worth keeping for a few years.

The information will be useful for:

  • Landlords
  • benefit applications
  • phone contracts
  • Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) checks

particularly when you are asked to give 5 years’ worth of addresses.  Remember to update the form as your details change.

We recommend that you save a copy of the form on your computer or have a printed copy that you keep in a safe place.  It is important that you do not share the document as it has private information about you.  Choose carefully what information you wish to share with others or only complete the sections that you are comfortable with others seeing.

If you are a part of Staying Put or Shared Lives arrangements, you will still need to access much of this information as you start to practice independence.

If you are moving into a Kent Supported Home, you can ask for help from your host with completing forms and attending meetings.  It is good practice for you to complete this information and be able to have as much independent input as possible.

If you are going into a ready home or shared house, you will be provided with some basic items.  You should find out what these are so you can check the itinerary on your moving in day. Have the form with you so you can make sure you ask the housing officer any important questions when you meet them.

If you are moving on to independent living you can discuss accessing the setting up allowance with your PA.  This can cover basics such as a bed and white goods:

  • fridge
  • freezer
  • washing machine
  • cooker.

You will need to discuss any things you would like to buy with your PA prior to spending any money.  Items will often be provided for you rather than you having to buy them.

To get started download the Moving on checklist (form) or Moving on checklist  (form) for UASC.