Review process

We will review your approval as a foster carer at least once a year, but may review it more frequently if there is a significant change in your family circumstances or if we have concerns about the care you are providing.

Before the review

Three months before your review, the fostering review team will confirm your review meeting date and send you the review paperwork to complete.

Your Payment for Skills level will be discussed as part of your review. You'll need to include evidence in your review paperwork to request a skill level increase or confirm you should remain at the skilled or advanced level.

You'll need to complete and return the review paperwork to your area support team 5 weeks before your review date which includes your evidence for the review (PDF, 196.2 KB).

Your fostering social worker will also get feedback from anyone who has been involved in your fostering journey since your last review. This could include:

  • any children that have been placed with you
  • your own children
  • other people in the household
  • independent reviewing officers
  • a child's main foster carers (if you provide respite)
  • any other professionals that have worked with you.

One week before your review meeting,  your area support team will send you a copy of your review including the feedback collected by your fostering social worker.

The review meeting

Your review meeting will be with your fostering social worker and a member of the fostering review team and usually takes place at your home. If you are fostering as couple, you will both be reviewed and will both need to attend the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, the fostering reviewing officer will confirm whether you and your household are still suitable for fostering and whether your terms of approval remain the same or need changing. If they remain the same, your review is complete.

Change of approval

If the report recommends a change in approval, it will also explain the reasons for the proposed change and evidence your ability to meet the new terms. It will also outline any support you might need as a result of the change.

If the change in approval does not involve a significant change in circumstances  and you agree with the proposed change, the report will be sent to the Agency Decision Maker for their decision.

Fostering panel

Your review will be presented to the fostering panel if:

  • it is your first review since you were approved
  • you do not agree with the recommended change in approval
  • there has been a significant change in circumstances.

If there are concerns about the standard of your care, your review may also be presented to the fostering panel.

You will be expected to attend unless it is your first review .

If your review goes to the fostering panel, they will read your review report and make a recommendation to the Agency Decision Maker who will make the final decision on your approval.

After the review

Once the review is complete, you'll get a copy of the review report and confirmation of the decision.

You'll then have 10 working days to read and comment on the report.

Read the policy

For more information read the Foster Carer Review Policy (PDF, 199.6 KB).